Artist Bio

Cameron’s passion for art started at an early age when she was drawn to sketching and oil painting. In 1990, she became interested in the multidimensional process of photography (including darkroom printing, polaroid techniques, hand colored fibre based paper and experimenting with different films) and fell in love with the magic created and captured through the lens. Her personal journey began – discovering not only what is seen through the lens, but also how poetic and alluring our natural world is. Years of intense dedication and photographic practice consumed her – a need to convey an expressive purity and self contained life of evocative beauty. Cameron was born in Toronto Canada, raised in Winnipeg and now resides in Vancouver.

Artist Statement

Cameron’s work explores emotion through motion. Connecting simple, natural subject matter to our human experience of impressionism. Cameron’s technical expertise is essentially “painting” with her camera, combines time and movement at the right intuitive moment. This exploration is less about an actual place and more about timeless captivating, visual poetry - the viewer is drawn to deliberate, unstructured softness, glowing natural light and obvious disregard for computer alteration. Technical mastery with more loose and lyrical allure, allows us to experience sublime photographic impressionism.

The lingering beauty of these works consistently resonates a particular reverence, a relationship, and a compelling arrangement – throughout all bodies of work.

Sequence Portfolio

The sequence portfolio studies organized symmetry with a static narrative – our appreciation of man-made progress is given rhythmical ardor. Photographs are not as much about our relationship to time and space, as they are about ratios of time and movement. Cameron takes advantage of the coordinated trees to maintain vertical prescience with minimal tonal range.

Botanic Portfolio

Meditative exploration into meaning that is entirely impassioned; nature is not just out there to be bracketed off, captured and used up. There is an intuitive movement through time – fleeting, and then stopped with mindful intention is heightening the viewer’s connection to our environment.

Seven Seas Portfolio

Composition elements sit in quiet equilibrium composed of textural layers of light luminance with consideration to the oceans nuances. Cameron’s works of the sea has an experience of purity and instinctive appreciation for power and transformation – capturing a transitory moment that could never be realized again.