Corporate Art Installation Seattle Washington


The largest commissioned artwork project Angela Cameron has produced for a client, thus far! Large scale corporate artwork created and customized as per project specifications.

Commissioned Art Project

Each elevator lobby received 9x12ft acrylic art (composed of 3 pieces) with a different Seattle theme for each area. Working with Turner Special Projects, Building Owners, Design team and Project Managers, this 6 month project was completed to exact specifications for each area.

Problem Solving Through Collaboration

Many problems were solved with exact dimensions, lighting and glare issues and also installation. As the project meetings intensified, collaboration with the team resolved all of the concerns by the Owner and the end result is stunning oversize art perfect for the space, style and visitors.

Angela photographed specific locations in Seattle, on a lucky sunny break near New Year's Day (ferry arrival at the nearby terminal, Russel Building garden and the Seattle Art Museum Hammering Man statue).  The editing and approval process began with members of the project team to coordinate the 3 pieces per elevator area. All were completed in Black and White to not overpower the lobby area, as per clients specifications.

Large Scale Commissioned Art

The end result is a large scale installation that resonates with visitors and staff in this Downtown Seattle building located at Union and 2nd. This project was completed a few years ago, but you can still see the large artwork from the sidewalk.

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