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Casino Hotel Custom Art Installation

Great Hotel Design pulls together colour, texture and art that all coordinate to create the ambiance and flow that represent the hotel brand and feel.

The River Rock Casino in Richmond BC design board started with abstract lily photography by Angela Cameron. Other elements in the room such as drapery worked with the photography hues and thus set the tone for this custom project. Hints of orange also placed about the guest room while keeping the walls and carpet neutral.

Hotel Design Inspired By Photography

Angela's close up lily photograph is just abstract enough to keep the art timeless and modern. The art was printed on canvas and placed in wood frame and hung over each bed for the entire hotel. Natural hues of green, orange and red creates a unique drama as you enter the space.

Angela created this body of work from nearby Vandeusen Gardens in Vancouver - one of her favourite places to find natural subject matter. This large garden offers an immense selection of flowers, trees and foliage all year round. Its also a great place to spend the afternoon to unwind and connect to nature.

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Angela Cameron Fine Art has been providing unique fine art for brand hotels, boutique and luxury hotels for over a decade. Angela is the creator of all the artwork and she loves the challenge to create new portfolio additions that keep Designers coming back.

Creative Photographic Art

Cameron has a very interesting eye for detail, composition and endless creative ideas. Getting in close is one technique that adds abstraction to common florals and leaves. "Its about presenting artwork that doesn't get old" states Cameron, finding new angles and ideas adds to the sophistication of the entire hotel design project. Designers come to me for beautiful, yet uncommon fine art and often altering the format and colour a little to suit their project for site specific artwork. 

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