Large Scale Art for Hotel Guest Room


This oversize framed canvas artwork certainly adds drama, gold and sparkle to this luxurious bedroom.

Sometimes all that is needed is one piece of artwork rather than many smaller ones. Art is customized in color and size to fit perfectly and complement the Interior Designers vision. Touches of gold, silver and sparkle accent throughout the space in the artwork frame and lighting. The room screams of luxury in all areas, including the hint of deep purple in this statement piece.

The high ceiling allowed the artwork to reach to the top of the wall molding adding even more drama. It certainly didn't hurt that chandeliers were chosen for the artwork subject matter. If you cannot install a chandelier in your luxury bedroom, you can always have it in the artwork! 

Luxury Design is about simplicity, certain tones and sparkle. The neutral walls and drapery allowed for the sparkle, gold and art to shine along with the crisp white bedding. Fabulous lighting is necessary to create the ambience, overhead and on each side of the bed.

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