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Marriott Angela Cameron's Art For Large Mural

Angela's art shown here, is showcased on an oversized mural for a public lounge area in the LA Live Marriott. This project explored colour throughout, coordinating art, furniture and carpets. There was no shying away from the impact colour can make in large spaces. The design theme helped to define this lounge area and attract guests to sit awhile! Angela and her team also completed custom murals in each corridor throughout this upscale hotel.

Women Art Vendors For Marriott Property

This hotel new build in downtown LA a few years ago was one of the first of its kind. The Design firm proposed to Marriott to have all women vendors/ suppliers for this project. Angela Cameron Fine Art was pleased to be one of many suppliers for this huge hotel complex. 

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The photographic image shown (Colourful Soft series featured on was created from reflections in metal objects downtown. Neon lights of nearby business store fronts showed as soft linear pastels captured with a macro lens. The image was perfect for this project theme playing into strong pastel stripes showcased with pops of orange and blue. 

Angela has had her work chosen several times for Marriott properties - she continues to offer fresh, modern artwork that is unique to hotel designers. Custom size, colour adjustment and creative input makes the Designers job easier. Collaboration is the key to a hotel property coming together. Angela's keen attention to detail of colour, quality and production - she loves the challenge to create new work that inspires and resonates.

Collaboration is the Key

Collaborating with the Design Team over a few months and then seeing the actual installation and Designers vision makes this so rewarding, especially when working with an all women concept. More women are working together in hospitality industry and ACFA will continue to be involved and inspire others to participate.

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