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Large Abstract Art for Healthcare Corridor


Oversize art is a must for large wall expanses, especially for public areas. Not all art for Healthcare environments has to be nature themed landscapes. The fun drama of Angela Cameron's work shows well in triptych format and good lighting certainly adds interest and impact.

Abstract Art for Healthcare

These large pieces are perfect to add colour and enlightenment to this white corridor. Shown here, 3 square art pieces are spaced apart perfectly under each spotlight (good lighting is a must) and featured on a white neutral wall. It was important to have a pop of colour and pattern to liven up a stark corridor. It was great that the Designer chose abstract art instead of nature art here. Having fun patterns and shapes creates a different feel, especially in public corridors.
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Large Wall Expanses

Large scale art is more popular than ever - it has to make an impact for large expanses of wall space for most commercial interior spaces. All of Angela's work is high resolution to enlarge up to 96" wide and even larger for wall covering mural. We work on many mural projects that require custom work and colour correction - after all, its a permanent installation for many years to come.