Large Art Mural Impacts PWC Cafe

Large Art Mural Impacts PWC Cafe

Large Scale Colourful Art Mural For Cafe

In collaboration Angela Cameron provided high res images that created a stunning large scale art mural that adds immense drama to this cool cafe wall.

Price Waterhouse Cooper cafe in Tampa Florida receives dramatic colourful mural with coordinating design elements to bring the whole look together.. perfectly! 

Abstract photograph created by Angela Cameron was reworked to combine 4 high res similar images to produce this high quality mural. The results exceeded the clients expectations and will provide timeless impact for many years to come! 


"I can appreciate projects that aren't afraid to explore colour and scale rather than playing it safe with neutral tones".


Bold colour does have an impact on our mood and this is a perfect example of a cafe space that is uplifting and memorable. Hues of red, orange and fuchsia are so vibrant and very suitable for this daytime place to socialize and gather. 

Custom Art Mural

Custom Art Mural For Hospitality

All of Angela's work is high resolution and has been used in several custom mural projects. Her attention to detail in working on site specific projects and her experience in graphic design ensures happy clients and superior interior design results.

 Large Scale Art Mural


Art comes in many forms and with a large scale mural, the drama is even more impressive! Colourful art adds so much to a space, it definitely heightens our energy and contributes to well-being. 

View Angela Cameron's Hospitality Art website to see more completed Hotel, Healthcare and Corporate Interior Design Projects




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