Custom Hospitality Art For Guest Suites

Custom Hospitality Art For Guest Suites


Custom art plays an important part in creating a relevant guest experience for this upscale hotel location at the ocean.

The Royal Tower Atlantis hotel guest room art is custom created and displayed as a unique collection of white shells on bold turquoise that lend to the Hotel Interior Designers vision for this tropical hotel. 

Custom Site Specific Artwork

Angela Cameron photographed select shells to make this project even more site specific and ensures artwork is exclusive to this hotel project and property. Simple images with the exact shade of turquoise was implemented to achieve the desired style and feel of the guest suites.

Collaboration With Interior Designer

This project was a pleasure to work on with the Designer. Planning went into the exact colour specifications were met to coordinate all elements to the cohesiveness of the room. This prominent hotel brand has timeless artwork not found anywhere else!

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