Creative Wall Art Solution For Hotels

Creative Wall Art Solution For Hotels


Printed Window Film Solves Problem

Floral theme for Hilton Garden In Chelsea New York explodes with purple themed blossoms throughout. This stunning dining room creates a beautiful blossom art display all around the space. Angela Cameron colour adjusted her fine art blossom photography and then printed the images on window film. The printed window film was applied to glass sections to cover up old buildings next door. A perfect, creative solution to enhance a space with no view.

Hotel Art Solutions - Printed Window Film

Floral Art Throughout

Angela Cameron also provided more purple blossom art on the walls printed on metal and canvas to enhance the space throughout and carry the floral theme from room to room.


Art can be utilized for more than just pieces displayed on a wall. Images can be printed on almost any material now and all we need is some creative thinking to create a stunning spaces in hotels, corporate interiors and your home. 




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