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This large project covered all the guest rooms, corridors and public areas with modern, edgy artwork that enhances this Hotel's location.

Working with the Designer, we selected many images and customized them to work in each area. As the Hotel location is downtown, modern artwork with a night-time feel are perfect for the lounge and public areas. The guest rooms received panorama style spring leaves with a fresh green hues. This project has custom artwork was done in a mix of aluminum art, canvas art and artwork on wood for the corridors (not shown here). Each area focused on the contemporary theme, but artwork chosen reflected the edgy vibe of this Marriott downtown location. 

Shown here, the restaurant fuchsia artwork is a great example of not having to match the artwork to the surrounding textiles. The complimentary color artwork creates more sophistication and resonance. "I am a huge fan of the Designers decision to not choose muted green artwork to match the restaurant area" states Cameron "It's a simple way of creating an upscale space that adds interest and style without more expense". What makes this idea work is the rich tone of the green with the rich tone of the fuchsia. If the art was a light pink color overall, it wouldn't work as well. Complimentary color artwork adds a huge impact to this space, especially with neutral walls to allow the art to pop.

Angela has worked on and provided her photographic art for many Marriott properties, appreciating the fact that their art selection process is very specific to their brand. "I'm happy to offer unique artwork for Marriott that no one else can" states Cameron, "they realized that artwork choices can set them apart in a competitive hotel industry". 

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