I did it! I finally created an exclusive home decor collection on Amazon. This project has been on my list for over a year now and it's here. My goal and mission is to create a large selection of affordable canvas wall art for everyone to connect with in their space. My extensive portfolio and variety of work is perfect for the Amazon customer seeking high quality, signed and well branded wall art for their homes. 

After a lot of research, I applied to be a brand registered company with Amazon (brand registered means my own company on Amazon, not an Amazon owned brand) and offer an exclusive art collection no one else offers. This collection is different from my website Gallery Collection (here on which is dedicated to Interior Designers, Collectors and Art Enthusiasts seeking my unique upscale and Limited Edition work.

Starting the process on Amazon was daunting to say the least! It was a huge learning curve (and still is) but I was keen to learn about this huge platform and I knew I could offer Amazon customers something more meaningful and beautiful with high end value. My first selections offer everything from flowers, architecture, foggy forests, colourful chandelier art, and beautiful ocean scenics. Many more will be added in the next few months.

Sorry to my Canadian friends and family, but this collection is only in the USA for now.

I look forward to everyone connecting with my beautiful affordable fine art in their home - everyday!

Check out the Angela Cameron store on Amazon USA now!