HGTV Home To Win Season 2 Abstract Ocean Artwork

Home To Win Season 2 Series selects Angela Cameron's abstract ocean art on canvas for living room area. Stunning large blue artwork was selected and printed on canvas. Hanging the art with a rope enhanced the coastal theme of the room. A very clever idea that anyone can do at home!

A Designer from Toronto had been a fan of Angela's work on Instagram for awhile and took note of Angela's watery abstract art.

The Designer was involved with the HGTV series Home to Win and wanted some unique artwork for the show. The series featured several well known Canadian Designers each renovating a room of a cottage.

A pair of Angela's abstract watery images were selected from her Instagram feed for the Living room area back wall. Angela made sure both art selections were colour corrected to match side by side. The 36x36" pieces hung perfectly as a diptych and coordinated with the blue watery scheme of the living area.

Large Canvas Artwork

Large canvas artwork coordinated perfectly ( one is a close up of a boat and the other blue watery abstract) with the cottage lakeside location and the Interior Designers colour scheme. Each were cleverly hung with rope to further enhance the lakeside nautical theme. Large artwork adds so much impact and pulls the whole room together with colour and aesthetic. In this case, the blues in the art were the dominant colour in the neutral living room.

The rest of the space had touches of nautical to carry through the overall theme. The cottage was located right on the lake, so coastal artwork was a must!

Angela's Art

"I was thrilled to work on this project, although not my first time my work has been shown on TV" states Angela. "I have had a few shows feature my work for various staging and real estate programs produced in Vancouver BC Canada. It's always a thrill to see my work on tv from time to time."

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