Art For Hotels

We have extensive experience providing Interior Designers unique art collections customized for each project.

From acrylic, large scale art, dramatic murals and framed art groupings - we collaborate to ensure your interior design project will stand out from the crowd. In this competitive Hospitality industry, we have established ourselves to provide creative visuals and ideas from our extensive portfolio with custom options.

Our Process

In collaboration, we work one on one with Hotel Designers to offer suggestions and custom ideas based on their design direction. Our extensive portfolio of high res image options ensures we have the best artwork and ability to customize it specific each individual project.

What Makes Us Unique

Other than exclusive art created by Angela Cameron, we have a recognizable art brand that sets hotels apart in this competitive marketplace. As well as being competitively priced, our innovative ideas and experience are brought to the table to ensure spaces exceed clients expectations.
Check out the BLOG to see select projects from all over the world that explores fresh, modern art that creates memories and experiences necessary to today's traveler.
Contact us with your project details and how we can create more dynamic spaces together!