Custom Hotel Room Headboard Art - Ideas & Tips

Custom Hotel Room Headboard Art - Ideas & Tips

Custom Headboard Art Makes A Statement In Guestroom

Customization, colour coordination with superb personal service all went into this Richmond BC Canada hotel project. Angela Cameron's unique calla lily artwork selected for the headboard dictated the hues for the drapery and furniture. 

The River Rock Casino Hotel location is in a busy urban area, therefore selecting artwork that had a modern hint of nature was the perfect fit for relaxation.

Collaboration Is Essential

Creating a space is so rewarding, especially when the finished project is completed and all details come together. The main headboard image was selected and all other details came from that inspiration. The modern calla lily art spanned with width of the bed and close to the ceiling, creating a stunning dramatic guest room space. Collaboration is key to the vision for the hotel brand and the guests that will experience the finished space for years to come.

Hotel Guest Room Art

Art Makes A Statement For Hospitality

This project is a great example of how art completely impacts a space. The modern aesthetic of Angela Cameron's work creates calm, sophistication and exclusivity for this casino hotel brand. Art makes a positive impact more-so than any other component in a hotel guest room. Its the finishing touch, the jewel of the space. 

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