Discover Hyatt Art - Capitol Hotel Guest Room Artwork

Discover Hyatt Art - Capitol Hotel Guest Room Artwork

Hyatt Hotel Showcases Stunning Custom Art 

The Hyatt Capitol Hill Hotel was also another of Angela Cameron's larger art projects on the East Coast. Collaborating with the Designer and Her colour scheme fabric samples and design direction of the space, artwork was chosen and customized to add that final touch to these guest rooms and public areas.

Modern Art At Hyatt Hotel In Washington DC.

The beautiful triptych (see far right) was printed on aluminum with no frame to maintain a modern feel. The canvas framed art (far left) of abstract water added the only hit of colour in this neutral guest room. Various tones of blues, greens and turquoise was the theme colour of the artwork with the background textiles and upholstery goods being neutral.

The pop of yellow on the wall created a sophisticated backdrop that further highlighted the artwork and overall design. 

This is a great example of how artwork is used as the finishing touch! Simple frames and modern display did not overpower the Designers vision, rather the artwork was the icing on the cake to the overall feel of this hotel guest room.

Hotel Interior Designer Collaboration

"This project was over several months of samples and back and forth with the Designer to ensure all the tones worked perfectly together" stated Cameron, "it was a pleasure to work on this and see the overall finished space".
Working with Hotel Designers to customize artwork is one of our specialities. We have collaborated with many Hotel Interior Designers on various projects near and far. We love the process of creative ideas bringing together the Designers and hotel brand vision for the property. Art is a key component to the success of the interior design process, the finishing touch and a positive influence on the guest experience.
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