Must See Interior Design Trends For 2024

Must See Interior Design Trends For 2024

Key Trends For Interior Design You Need To Know About

For 2024 we will see an increase in interior spaces that make you feel at home. Through serenity & personal intentional living, we give a nod to relaxing minimalist style, to nature inspired hues and curvy shapes that add an emotional aesthetic to your space. 

Our home and office spaces are our refuge and place we spend the most time. The need to make this space connect with us everyday is important. There are simple ways to engage with our home to give us the environment we can personally thrive in.

In this article we discuss ideas in how art is significant for creating the space of your dreams! Examples below show beautiful interior spaces accented with key artwork, that brings the room together.

Importance of Art In Interior Design

Art is an essential component of the interior design process, as it adds energy, depth, and meaning to your personal space. It has the power to transform a room and evoke emotions in the people that live there. As interior designers strive to create unique and captivating spaces, staying up-to-date with key art trends is crucial. Here are some creative interior design trends below that you need to know.

Art has the ability to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a space and contribute significantly to a cohesive design narrative. It serves as a visual focal point, drawing attention and creating a sense of intrigue. One key trend that interior designers need to be aware of is the rise in demand for authentic original artwork.

Clients are increasingly seeking out unique and one-of-a-kind authentic art pieces that reflect their individuality and personal taste. This shift away from mass-produced prints or replicas has led to a greater appreciation for the craftsmanship and authenticity that original artwork brings to a space.

Incorporating art into interior design not only adds visual interest but also allows for self-expression and storytelling. Every piece of art has its own story, whether it's a painting, sculpture, or even a photograph. By carefully selecting artwork that resonates with the client's personality and style, interior designers can create spaces that truly reflect their clients' individuality.

Art also plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of a room. The colour, style, and subject matter of a piece can evoke different emotions and create various ambiances. For example, vibrant abstract paintings can inject energy and excitement into a space, while serene landscapes can promote calmness and relaxation.

Art Sets The Mood

In addition to setting the mood, art can also serve as a focal point or conversation starter in a room. A bold statement piece hanging above a fireplace or displayed on an empty wall instantly becomes the center of attention. It draws people in and encourages them to engage with their surroundings. Whether it's admiring the colour & style, discussing the intention behind a piece, or simply appreciating its beauty, art has a way of sparking conversations and connecting people.

Art has the power to reflect one's personal style and taste. By carefully & emotionally selecting art pieces that resonate with their taste and values, individuals can showcase their unique personality within their homes & workplace. This personal touch adds depth and authenticity to any space, making it feel like an extension of who you are and the importance of living with this artwork everyday.

Artwork is a great jumping off point when thinking about your interior space - select art that resonates with you and then plan your room around it. The hues in the art help you plan & create a space you will love for many years.

2024 Interior Design Trend Examples Below:

Minimalist Design For Calm & Serenity

2024 Interior Design Trends


This dining room has beautiful soft warm grey tones on the wall and chairs that blend together creating a peaceful place to dine and converse. Seascape artwork was selected with neutral grey hues that add to the calm feeling.

Interior design trends 2024


This minimalist bedroom space is filled with neutral textures throughout. The off-white walls, drapery and bedding bring a earthy natural vibe. Artwork selected helps to bring the tones all together with a modern touch. 

Nature Inspired Interior Design

2024 Trends Interior Design


Bring nature indoors, all year long! This dinette has beautiful wood textures, taupe colour upholstery and neutral walls. Artwork was essential to complete the nature inspired style of this small space. 

2024 Interior Design Trends


Nature inspired interior design is easy to achieve through diptych artwork that tells a story about the sea. With tones of blue and green, this original artwork brings home the ocean with a contemporary vibe.

Authentic Interior Spaces 

Authentic Artwork


What is an authentic space? Selecting items that have meaning more than purpose. Those items are chosen for sentimental reasons, a certain colour that you resonate with, combining elements within a space that is unique to you. That vase from travel abroad, the lighting fixture handed down or even the dark hues on the wall. Authentic spaces enhance your taste, surrounding you with meaningful colour, style and memories.

Home Office Interior Design - It's Part Of Our Home Now

Home Office Trends 2024


The home office is here to stay! While some of us are getting back to the traditional office, there is always a place to work from home that is ours. Making the home office feel personal, inspirational and productive is the key. Artwork shown here brings a needed punch of colour to add a vibrant feel to your day.

Curves For Interior Design Are A Must

2024 Trends Interior Designers

Incorporating curves adds captivating visual appeal, infusing spaces with intrigue and a sense of harmony and flow. Furthermore, curved lines have the ability to transform the dynamics of an interior environment, introducing fluidity and softness into a world often dominated by rigid, linear forms.
Our examples incorporate curves through the artwork and the chairs as a simple idea for interior design. Most rooms are square and angular, curves in art solve the problem adding a visually dynamic feel.


Interior Designer Trends 2024


This boardroom is transformed through curvy, colourful art and chairs. This space is used for conversation, strategy sessions and important meetings - the artwork contributes to the purpose of the space and also brings a presence to all.


Interior Design trends for 2024 will have a significant positive effect on how we best live at home. Art is an easy way to achieve this calm vibe along with simple design choices to complete your space. 

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