Example Of Luxury Hotel Decor In Chicago Marriott

Example Of Luxury Hotel Decor In Chicago Marriott

Large-Scale Luxury Art Makes Impact 

Oversize modern colourful art was selected for this Chicago Marriott Hotel. Artwork (printed on canvas with float frame) was 8ft wide x 3 ft high for each of 300 guest rooms and dining area. The large scale art filled a large wall expanse and added contemporary style to the neutral space. 

Artwork is a key part of the hotel design experience, now more than ever. Marriott continues to play a part in specific selections of art that lend to their hotel brand aesthetic. 

Luxury Hotel Artwork

Angela Cameron Art And Marriott

Angela Cameron has worked with Marriott Hotel brand for several properties including: Chicago Marriott, Potomac, La Live Marriott and Norfolk Marriott. The Marriott brand is very selective about art and recognizes Angela's work as unique and timeless. 

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