Art Installation - Muse Hotel New York Art

Art Installation - Muse Hotel New York Art


Angela Cameron's artwork was the perfect choice for this client as she wanted the Muse Hotel to stand out with unique art that makes a statement for her guests. 


Hospitality Art is becoming more exclusive and custom as hoteliers are realizing the impact it has on their guests home away from home.

This is a great example of having single, impactful artwork on the walls instead of large art pieces. The single works are so bold and graphic that more artwork could overwhelm the beautiful Interior Design aesthetic.

The bathroom showcases "Spheres" silver framed artwork and the living area boasts a pop of pink and orange abstract art that gives a nod to skyscraper architecture. Artwork coordinates perfectly with design elements in the living area of this suite. 

One On One Collaboration

Angela Cameron and her team work one on one with Designers, Owners and Project Managers to achieve a stunning, memorable space that sets the hotel property apart. "We believe in the strength of custom, unique art and work personally with Designers that understand the need as well" states Cameron, "we are thrilled to work with clients to bring their vision to life". 

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