Top Wall Art Trends To Know For 2024

Top Wall Art Trends To Know For 2024

Top Wall Art Trends To Know For 2024

Interior Design and home decor projects can be accented with on-trend art selections that relate to our natural surroundings in a modern creative way. Art is one of the key components for our best life at home and therefore must integrate visually and personally to complete the best design project with purpose and intention.

After 3 years of challenges of being at home through a pandemic, we emerge with a shift towards nature, pattern and authentic home environments that create connection for you and your home. 

Best Art Trends 2024 - The Ultimate Guide

Art trends for 2024 will be inspired by natural environments, geometric patterns, and an increased focus on story telling. These trends will help to create calming and serene spaces that are both visually appealing and connect with you the viewer. Trends in art always include getting to know a specific Artists vision and consistent message of their work. Get to know professional artists and how the work conveys an emotion and a connection to you.


"A home should be a reflection of the people inhabiting the spaces and it should tell a story.” 


Here are the 6 art trends:

Biophilic Art Trends 

1. Biophilic Design Through Art 

Connecting to our natural environment with nature artwork. Angela Cameron's Flutter artwork shown above is a perfect example of nature art with a modern abstract style. Biophilic Design is best served with unique nature based artwork that brings that earthy feel indoors without being too literal.


Patterns In Art

2. Visual Patterns With Art 

Stunning art that showcases patterns as the main focal point. Repetitive shapes and colour as shown above are the perfect compliment to the patterns on the custom upholstered bench. Pattern art with simple colours are the best choice to create that overall aesthetic. 

 Mindful Earthy Artwork

3. Mindful Earthy Artwork 

Creating that much-needed zen space that we all need now! Select artwork that captures our natural surroundings in a meaningful way. Shown above Angela Cameron's Misty Blue Forest is a perfect example of earthy artwork that brings the landscape to your space, everyday. 

Art Trends 2023

4. Artwork That Tells A Story 

Select art groupings that relate and complete a visual experience. Shown above feature explores modern landscapes that look even better as a grouping that gives the overall vision and experience. Group complimentary artwork close together and be creative displaying pieces in different ways.

Authentic Art

5. Authentic Art

Connect with the artist directly and learn more about the work you love. Authentic art is all about being informed and connected. The artist can better share the story and inspiration behind the art they created, allowing you the buyer to further appreciate the authenticity of the work. Artwork is more than just visual appeal, learning more about the piece is a must as you will be living with the art for many years.

Boutique Art

6. Boutique Art 

Uniqueness is Everything! Art that has that boutique aesthetic would be well presented on the artists website with a description and information that enhances your connection to unique art that you love. Boutique art is one of a kind, visually memorable that leaves a lasting impression with you. 

What do These Wall Art Trends Mean for You?

Meaningful nature art are pieces that make a statement. They often have a message or a story to tell. What makes them so special is that they can be appreciated on many different visual levels. Art can be enjoyed for their beauty and craftsmanship, but also be appreciated for the meaning behind them. Know who the artist is, what they intended with the art piece. 


Fabulous Quote By Daniele Colding

“Art collections focused on up and coming artists and artists of colour. Gone are the days of high-brow art collecting dominating the scene. My clients are looking for fresh faces on the art scene. They also want collections that reflect the diversity of our world and the perspectives these artists offer.” -Daniele Colding



These 6 stunning wall art trends examples for 2024 are a great jumping off point for art enthusiasts, art buyers and Interior Designers to evaluate our homes and how in think about art for our spaces.

Thought provoking nature art that isn't too literal, pattern artwork that plays into patterns in upholstery. Special boutique and authentic art that encourages you to ask more questions about the artist and her work and lastly, storytelling in art that tells a visual story about a place and an experience. While these 6 art trends are suggested for 2024, we think these ideas are perfect for now and into the future.

View Angela Camerons New Artwork to view her most relevant artwork creations now!


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