Discover Examples Of Wellness Hotel Design With Art

Discover Examples Of Wellness Hotel Design With Art

Art Is Key For Wellness Hotel Design

The wellness hotel is becoming more popular as we seek ways to relax and refresh our busy lives. Art is an integral part of wellness hotel design to add soft hues and calming aesthetic. As wellness hotel guest rooms are often neutral, colour in art adds a special touch that sets the tone of modern sophistication. 

Large-Scale Art Makes A Statement

Angela Cameron's artwork for the wellness hotel offers a modern aesthetic with nature art, especially botanical art. Examples shown here showcase art printed on metal for an edgy vibe featuring sections of botanical plants that evoke a natural feel. Trees, plants and florals can be presented in creative ways through colour adjustment and cropping. 

Wellness Hotel Art


Angela Cameron creates unique modern art in a variety of subject matter. Her contemporary art aesthetic offers The Wellness Hotel Interior Designer numerous options in her Organic Art Gallery collection. Custom art ideas will further enhance nature art presented in an edgy way.

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