Abstract Hotel Art | Ideas & Examples

Abstract Hotel Art | Ideas & Examples

Are You Seeking Abstract Hotel Art Ideas?

Discover our unique selection of abstract hotel art. This article will offer examples and ideas for abstract hotel art for hotel interior designers and hotel brand owners. We offer an exclusive art brand for hospitality that sets hotels apart. Our abstract artwork creates an environment for todays hotel guests that impacts and resonates. Hotel interior design is more sophisticated and competitive, artwork is one way to achieve distinction, especially with a well know artist brand like Angela Cameron.

Why Artwork Is A Key Component Of Hotel Interior Design

1. Art is the finishing touch, the jewel of the room - it creates the aesthetic that sets the tone for how the guest room feels.

2. Unique artwork speaks to the sophisticated hotel guest about the hotel brand they are staying at. 

3. A key relationship from guest with hotel brand is built on taste. Art has the ability to transform and connect for a better hotel guest experience.

4. Art you live with (even for a few nights) resonates with each of us in a personal way, more than we think. Hotel brands are finally realizing the importance of art, especially cohesive art throughout all hotel areas.

Abstract Hotel Art Ideas & Examples:

The ideas and examples below all have a unique perspective about how and why that artwork (Angela Cameron's Art) was selected for that hotel property.


Abstract Art For Hotels

Diptych Guest Room Art

Neutral guest room needed a hint of colour and pattern to elevate the space without overpowering the relaxing vibe. Artwork shown above has a fine pattern of colour and shapes in these diptych art pieces that compliment the layers of texture throughout this hotel guest room.

abstract hotel artwork

Hotel Lobby Art

Hotel Lucent in Menlo Park California needed modern edgy art to appeal to their tech guests. Angela Cameron's night light collection brings colour, with a contemporary vibe that contributes to this hotels uniqueness.

abstract hotel wall art

Large Scale Hotel Art

Dusit D2 Hotel in Nairobi has beautiful guest suites that needed large scale art that brings abstract feel with coordinating colour. Angela's close up macro photography captured lines, shapes and texture in stunning gold and yellow hues that adds to the 5 star feel of the guest suite.

Abstract Hotel Art

Diptych Art

The Hotel Owner reached out to Angela Cameron when he spotted her art in a hotel magazine. He knew her abstract art was a perfect fit for the hotel project and renovation. Cameron's linear golden yellow diptych artwork (hung close together) is timeless and elegant.

abstract art for hospitality

Keeping Art Simple

Art does not (and should not) be complicated. Simple shades of colour can be so effective, keeping the overall aesthetic simple and clean. Cameron's artwork selected here have texture and gradations of colour that elevate a neutral guest room.


Abstract hotel art can transform hotels into sophisticated spaces. Hotel guests will appreciate well chosen artwork that resonates and creates a relationship with that hotel brand. 

Angela Cameron has collaborated on many hotel projects with Interior Designers, Hotel Owners, Purchasing Companies and Project Managers. Her approach is to offer ideas and art expertise in making each project exclusive and unique to bring value to each Client.

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