How An Art Advisor Will Elevate Your Corporate Brand

How An Art Advisor Will Elevate Your Corporate Brand

What Is An Art Advisor?

An art advisor works with you in assessing your corporate business goals, vision and clients to select appropriate artworks that enhance your brand and space. An art advisor has experience in art placement, display ideas and aesthetic that cannot be underestimated. 

Corporate Art Advisory

Large mural installation at Price Waterhouse Cooper cafe in Tampa Florida. Angela Cameron's high res images can expand to create stunning large scale murals with superb quality.

How Corporate Art Advisors Work

Collaborating with a corporate art advisory is more than just choosing some artwork for your office walls, it's about elevating your corporate brand and creating a distinct identity. A professional art advisor understands that art has the power to shape perceptions, influence emotions, and enhance the overall experience of your corporate office space. They can help you select site specific art pieces that capture the essence of your company's values and message you want to send and present.

An experienced art advisory team brings a fresh perspective with your vision and goals in mind - guiding you through the world of abstract art in a way that aligns with your brand message. By carefully curating pieces that evoke creativity, thought-provoking concepts, emotional connection, an art advisor helps create an environment that evokes innovation and inspires both employees, staff, clients and shareholders.

Corporate Art Advisor

Abstract artwork above installation of large custom acrylic art for corridor. Lighting is placed strategically on each piece. The abstract art brings so much to this all white space!

Angela Cameron Art Advisor/ Tastemaker

By partnering with Angela Cameron, you gain entry into this world of exclusivity, allowing you to showcase unique artworks that set your brand apart from competitors. Cameron's expertise and experience, along with being a creator and tastemaker, her art collections uniqueness cannot be understated. From art selection, to customizing artwork, to installation, it must be said that distinctive investment artwork has a significant place for your corporate identity.


By collaborating with an art advisor, you not only create a visually appealing workspace but also elevate your corporate brand in ways beyond what traditional marketing strategies can achieve. Carefully selected abstract artworks will communicate your company's corporate vision that makes a statement, while inspiring employees and impressing clients who enter through its doors.

Today you must go beyond the mundane and explore how your corporate brand is conveyed through many avenues, including distinctive artwork.

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