8 Stunning Corporate Art Installations You Need To See Now

8 Stunning Corporate Art Installations You Need To See Now

Why Corporate Art Is Important

Corporate art is far more than just about filling empty wall spaces or simply adding a touch of visual appeal to your corporate office. Corporate art plays a crucial role in shaping a company's identity and creating a positive work environment, especially as a first impression when key people enter your space. Art has the power to inspire, ignite creativity, and foster a sense of pride among employees, visitors and investors for your business.

Corporate Art Reflects Company Values

One important reason why corporate art matters is that it reflects the values and culture of the organization. By carefully selecting artworks that align with the company's mission and vision, employers can create an atmosphere that employees can connect with emotionally and intellectually. Art can build a connection that helps build a strong sense of belongingness and fosters employee engagement by setting the tone and vibe of the corporate space.

Additionally, corporate art can also be used as a tool for communication within an organization. Artworks that convey messages or themes related to teamwork, innovation, or resilience serve as constant reminders of these values in daily life. In this way, art becomes more than just decoration, it becomes an integral part of the company's narrative and reinforces its core principles.

These 8 Corporate Art Installations Will Inspire You

Abstract Corporate Art

1. Abstract Art For Corporate Interiors

This example above shows us how colourful abstract art adds a sophisticated design element to the space. The red chairs dictate this business boardroom is young and laid back. Artwork was selected to enhance the overall vibe.

Corporate Artwork

2. Colour on Colour

This hip work station in this corporate business adds impact with vibrant but modern colourful artwork. This art was selected as a grouping to be cohesive.

corporate art consulting3. Art Grouping For Large Corporate Wall 

Most corporate interiors have large wall areas that need art to fill the space and create a positive atmosphere. This seascape artwork collection showcases upscale symmetry with all the subject matter of watery details and ocean scenics.

 corporate art installation

4. Modern Art For Corporate Boardroom

The boardroom is where everyone meets, discusses details and strategy of the corporation. Art must convey a distinctive quality that sets the tone of the space. "Color Theory" artwork adds a punch of colour, without taking over the entire space.

Boardroom office art

 5. Dynamic Boardroom Art

The purpose of the boardroom is conversation, strategy and collaboration between many people. Artwork must contribute to the space feeling energetic and unique at the same time. "Dancers" artwork was custom sized to fit the wall space perfectly and the curvy colourful style breaks up the square feeling of the room.

Corporate Art Advisory

6. Modern Art Diptych

This all white neutral office is more inspiring and interesting with abstract circle diptych art pieces. 

Corporate Art Consultant7. Art Sets The Tone

This modern abstract artwork works perfectly in this modern clean boardroom. "Splatter III" was selected to set the tone for the space, giving a contemporary vibe to those who enter the space.

Custom Corporate Art

8. A Hint Of Nature

Landscape art has its place in a modern corporate setting, as long as the artwork is also modern. "The Pathway" diptych is an excellent choice bringing a hint of nature that evokes connection to the outdoors, with a calming feel.


Art plays a significant role in the corporate art space. Installations of the right artwork in the corporate business office is key to enhancing your brand and presentation.

Unique custom art is essential and Angela Cameron offers the most modern abstract art along with consulting expertise to select the right art for your corporate space.

All artwork shown above is all from Angela Cameron art collections. Contact us to discuss your corporate art needs now studio@angelacameron.com






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