How To Buy Art From Artists: Collectors Guide

How To Buy Art From Artists: Collectors Guide

Guide To Buy Art From Artists

This art collectors guide explains how to directly buy art from Artists including key points and must know information. Buying artwork from Artists has superb benefits and satisfaction for art collectors and enthusiasts looking for connection with not only the art, but also with the Artist themselves.

When seeking an art piece for your space, direct purchase from the Artist makes the entire process far more meaningful, after all, an art purchase is very personal and great importance for you and your space many years to come.

The Artist And Their Artwork

Art is such a personal passion for Artists that we have to appreciate all the years of effort, inspiration and countless hours of work for Artists to develop their own unique style.

The experienced Artist will have a solid body of work (or several bodies of work) that prove their professionalism and proficiency in their own vision. For you the art collector, approaching an Artist about acquiring a piece of their art is such a satisfying experience for you and the Artist.

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Why Buy Art From The Artist Directly?

Artists are far more business savvy these days and have much better website presence and online with social media, we are able to explore their work and learn more before we even reach out for personal one on one contact. Buying artwork direct offers us commissioned artwork possibilities and also custom art sizes too.

We can work with our favourite artist and enhance our experience by asking questions, finding out their inspiration in their own words. Artists have far more to tell about their work and what motivates them. We can be assured that artworks presented on their website have been carefully vetted as their best work with a consistent style that is all their own.

Art By Artists

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Artists Are A Wealth Of Knowledge

Imagine being able to find out more about the art piece you are interested in and how the artwork fits into your personal space. Artists are far more of a resource to you than just selling art off their website. Artists are visual people, they are professionals in design, colour and full of ideas on how art can be displayed. They are a wealth of knowledge that goes far beyond just create a beautiful piece of art.

The true Artist can assist you with art selection and display, even making suggestions for your specific space that you likely would not think of - eg suggesting 2 medium artworks instead of a large one.

You may be surprised at how resourceful Artists are when it comes to not only knowing their craft, but how the artwork makes a presence in your space. They can help with how art should be hung in specific places in your home - dining room art is different than bedroom art as far as selection and aesthetic.

No one can make better suggestions about their work than the Artist, not even a gallery owner. Artists have a deep intuitive knowledge about how art should feel and impact each of us.

How To Buy Art From Artists Tip #1

Select Art That Resonates

You may not know why you like an art piece, but that's ok! Most people know what they are drawn to when going through an Artists website - start there! Choose several pieces and start to recognize what they have in common - are they all ocean/ water artwork? Are they nature subject matter or perhaps more abstract colourful makes to stop scrolling?

Gather several selections that all contribute to your personal tastes and see a pattern of common subject matter. Your first instinct is your best - stick with it. You were attracted to a piece at first glance for a reason - don't over complicate it by questioning or looking for more artwork to consider. Find out more about the art you initially selected from the Artist - that may be all you need to make your final selection.

How To Buy Art From Artists Tip #2

Ask Lots Of Questions:

After you have found some artwork through social media, friend referral or internet search, don't hesitate to contact the Artist directly right away. Start the conversation about their work, their experience, what inspired the art piece. Artists will happily tell you everything about the story, their own journey and why that art piece is presented on their website.

When that artwork is finally in your space, you will have fabulous conversations about the Artist and the art piece for your guests who ask. Nothing is more prestigious than sharing the artwork story, now that you have been informed.

Artists take their work so personally, they are thrilled to be a part of the art installation, advice and seeing photos of their work in your home. They hope to continue a relationship with you long after the purchase and also enjoy you speaking about the art to your friends and family. Referrals are always appreciated!

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How To Buy Art From Artists Tip #3

Tap Into The Artists Expertise

As mentioned earlier, Artists are a wealth of knowledge for how to display art, how to put pieces together and how to offer interesting visual ideas for your specific space and wall area. Artists will love to be involved past just the purchase of art.

Artists want their work to resonate by having it displaying perfectly and functional depending on the room in your home. Just a suggestion of hanging a square artwork off centre over a sofa can make a huge difference in how your living room feels. Or the idea of hanging art much lower on the wall than typically done, especially for a dining room where everyone is seated, takes your home to the next level of sophistication.

Artists can also be a superior advisor for framing options as well and what looks best for their work that will also work best for your space.

How To Buy Art From Artists Tip #4

Don't Be Typical - Take Chances

Most homes are neutral in colour and art is often the finishing touch and more so, the "icing on the cake". Art is a distinctive way of bringing a sophisticated feeling that tables and a sofa cannot do. Be bold with your art selection - that piece you love that you think may not "go" in your space, probably will.

No need to match art to your decor, if artwork has a colourful vibe, it will work anywhere. You may be surprised at how art that you think won't work, will work once you have it displayed. Bringing in pillows or a rug with the hues from the art can help to pull the neutral space together.

Have fun with your art choices, consider seasonal art display and move art around 2 or 3 times a year. Try several small pieces of art rather than a large single piece. Several pieces tell a story in a more intimate way and they can be displayed in many ways.

Artwork By Artist

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How To Buy Art From Artists Tip #5

Artist CV And Resume

Ask your favourite Artist if they have been recognized, achieved awards, exhibitions and gallery shows. An Artist CV (curriculum vitae) and resume will show you the art collector, the Artists journey of success and validation from their peers. Artists with experience and years of practise typically will have these documents to share.

Don't be discouraged from buying an art piece you love if the Artist is up and coming - you will get a great price on an artwork that will have value in the future. The dedicated Artist will continue their craft for many years, thus making your art selection of great value now and in the future.

Up and coming Artists need your support and encouragement to further their career and you can be a part of their journey and future works with your relationship established.

How To Buy Art From Artists Tip #6

Incredible Value With Direct Purchase

Buying art direct from the Artist may offer the collector a discount on artwork. Buying direct has the benefit of the Artist giving a generous discount on original art as the profit is 100% for the Artist. Most Artists want to build a long-term relationship and happy to encourage your art purchase and purchases in the future. If the Artist has artwork in a gallery, they are usually able to offer other artworks direct to you, the collector.

These artworks are still a part of the Artists best work and of great value and collectability. Artists often have works in progress and it may be exciting to view artwork as it is being produced.

Buying direct can only offer this benefit to the art collector through personal outreach and connection with the Artist and their work. Once you have established yourself as a serious collector, the Artist would welcome occasional visits to their studio or first hand viewing of new artwork. Being first in line for new artwork has superb advantage to investment art and support of Artists.

Artist Artwork Sale

Storm Glow Limited Edition Art - Ocean Gallery


There is a new way to buy art without a typical gallery procedure, or without non-personal online commodity websites. Buying art direct from the Artist opens a door to a superior way to acquire artwork.

There is a need for a more personal experience, a connection through relationship building. The opportunity to have access to Artists artwork first hand cannot be understated. Only authentic Artists can sell their work to you with integrity more than anyone else.

Art is the one key factor for your personal space that must be considered strongly. Art will be a part of your home for many years, bringing you satisfaction and inspiration, going beyond a home decor item.

Art is capable of uplifting you, contributing to your best life at home and also elevating sophistication and taste like no other. Take the time to get in touch with your favourite Artist and consider their work now and also future works that enhance the Artists career.

Angela Cameron is a strong believer in marketing her own work. She has been at the forefront of marketing, web design and creating new artwork that is current and modern. Her relationships with Hotel Designers, Corporate Interior Project Managers and Residential Interior Designers spans over many years and many projects completed.

Check out her New Work Gallery to see Angela's most current artwork.

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