How To Buy Art Direct From Artist

How To Buy Art Direct From Artist

Buy Art Direct From Artist - Best Guide

Buying art direct from Artist online is a relatively simple one and this article will explore all you need to know. Today's savvy online client and art enthusiasts have many benefits including the best service and direct to artist relationship.

Limited Edition art is the best way to ensure you are buying a unique piece accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Good artists will have all the information on their website for edition size (how many prints of a certain size are released), paper quality, handcrafted framing options - this will build trust with you the client that the artist runs their business in a professional manner. Ask questions to build rapport and see how that the artist responds in a timely manner.

Buy Art Direct From Artist Has Huge Benefits

The convenience of website purchasing and accessibility from the device in your pocket has made it second nature to most. A great way to find new exciting art is by buying prints direct from the artist. This option lets you see more of the artists’ work and potentially get a better price than buying from a traditional print shop. It also allows you to support an individual artist rather than a big conglomerate art sites with nothing invested in them. Ordering art prints online from the artist allows you to choose which size and type of paper as well as custom options as well.

Buy Art By Artist
New "Seasonal Skies" art collection - Clouds + Skies Gallery


Advantages - To Acquire Artists Artwork

There are many advantages to buy art direct from an artist. One of the biggest is price: when you buy direct from the artist, you're typically getting a higher-quality print and the artwork is far less expensive than on oversaturated art websites where there are often hidden fees on top of the quoted price, such as shipping charges that are not clearly posted on their site. 

The Internet is a great resource for artists to sell their work to a wide range of people. It also allows buyers to find tons of art to choose from in one place at amazing prices. You can even buy prints direct from the artist without having to pay any commissions or middlemen! Did you know that you can also commission your own custom prints?

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Purchase Art Directly From Artist
Geometric Art Gallery - Essay C

Buy Art Direct With Confidence

People often debate the pros and cons to buy art direct from artist online without ever speaking with an artist face to face. For some, purchasing art prints is the best way to learn and purchase original wall art; for others, there are concerns about how to buy art prints online direct from artist authenticity, shipping fees, and the long list of unknowns that come with ordering something sight unseen. There is already an emotional connection between you, now you can get in touch personally and learn more.

 The biggest advantage is building a relationship with the artist that created the work you fell in love with


Art Direct From Artist
Waves Of Colour #2 - Ocean Art Gallery


Buying Art Online or Through A Gallery

Many people have a difficult time choosing between purchasing art prints online or through a gallery. If you're on the fence, here are some tips to help you decide. Buying online is the best way to start your search - you'll have a greater variety of art to choose from and you won't find any of the problems you can run into when buying art at an artist's gallery.

Online Art Purchase - Great variety of art styles with many options for print types, sizes and quality.

Gallery Art Purchase - Buying art from galleries is time consuming with much more attention to framing required and usually limitations in the sizes offered.

Artists are always looking for ways to engage with their audience. One way is through the use of prints. Prints are a great way to feature original art, while also providing an affordable option for collectors who wish to purchase more than one work at a time. Learn more about Angela's Meaningful Art and why you need it.

Buying art direct from artist has become easier than ever


3 Easy Steps - Buy Art Direct From Artist

Rest assured, artists are becoming better at serving clients, building relationships and mastering the art business. Its time for clients and artists to collaborate in the online purchase process that has immense benefits:

  1. Direct access to the artist gives you first hand knowledge of the art piece - the history, technique and inspiration
  2. Check out the artists instagram, facebook and website info about their work - are they consistent with their style, engagement with buyers and offer info about their work
  3. Ask lots of questions - does the artist reply within a day or two? Are they eager to answer and offer more info about their work, shipping info etc
Buy Art Directly From Artist
New Ombre Artwork - New Work Gallery


Different Types of Prints Available

Art prints are one of the most popular art mediums on the internet. The types of prints you need to know about - is the artwork a reproduction print from an original painting? Or is the art print limited edition photography?

Paintings are often photographed with intent to sell reproduction prints - not as valuable as Limited Edition Photography prints. Limited Edition Prints are numbered and signed - limited to a certain quantity based on the size.

Angela Cameron only offers Limited Edition Art prints for Art Collectors, Interior Designers who know the value of high quality prints. Our records are kept with integrity to ensure your investment art purchase is authentic. We keep a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity as well to verify the artwork.

Order From The Artist & Save Time

If you're looking for an art print that is unique and not mass-produced, buying direct from the artist is a worthwhile investment. Art prints can be purchased online and shipped direct to your home without the hassle of going to a store or gallery. There are many advantages to ordering prints this way: first hand relationship with the artist, you will have a one-of-a-kind work of art, and supporting artists who are becoming more business savvy than ever and can serve you in a professional way to ensure all is in order.


Today's art collectors are younger, more online savvy and do not want to go through a formal art gallery process for purchase.

When you purchase art direct from an Artist, it does take a bit of time, but well worth it! Make sure to check out the artists website, social media and information about their art details, behind the scenes and consistency in presentation.

Then take the next step and get in touch directly. It is so rewarding for you the client and the artist to connect and exchange a passion for art - their art! Nothing is more rewarding than the best purchase experience with artwork that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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