Expressive Definition In Art

Expressive Definition In Art

What Is Expressive Definition In Art?

Expressive Definition In Art means exploring shape, pattern and colour in an abstract way. The artistic style captures the viewer with emotion and intrigue. There is no defined subject matter, but instead intuitive colour and patterns emerge.

Popular Expressive Art

Made popular by Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, Expressive Art continues to heighten our keen awareness of pattern, shape and colour. Expressive Art means the artwork is not literal, more abstract and creates curiosity within the viewer. Expressive is purely about the artists intuitive interpretation of shapes, colour and texture that seem unobvious to most. This keeps our interest and intrigue - which is a good thing.

Typically done with paint, Angela Cameron alternatively creates artistic images with her camera that give a nod to this interesting style of art. Her gestural engagement with water movement, colour and shutter speed techniques allows us a one-of-a-kind result like no other and can never be created in quite the same way again. The moment of spontaneity - discovering a body of contained water, the surrounding hues and the natural light are just right, we are left with original fine art that continues to surprise and delight the more we view it.

Why You Need Expressive Art In Your Space

Expressive Definition In Art means to evoke a subconscious intention on behalf of the artist, thus resulting in an emotionally charged visual art piece. Art has the purpose of providing a response to you the viewer, it must convey an emotion, an internal effect that connects you. The artists feelings are explored of this place, this circumstance - the conditions are just right and need to be explored and captured - in this case, with her camera. The resulting image is further characterized without the use of a tripod, filters or photoshop - "the resulting photograph feels more original and authentic" states Cameron. The impulse to explore our surroundings must be there, the need to further see what others don't brings Cameron to a place of discovery in places no one else would find in quite the same way.   

Colours That Mingle Together

Explore the nuances of moving water - pattern, colour and shapes all mingle together in the most naturally appropriate way. The hues all seem to coordinate beautifully in their tone and proportionally to each other. The backdrop of mid brown with further enhanced with deep mauve and emerald green shapes - topped off with layers of white accents.

The depth is immense and draws us into the image and keeps our interest every time we engage with the piece. 

Creating Expressive Art

Created at the same location as Mindfulness II, we experience completely new shapes, lines and hues throughout. Moving water creates authentic visual discoveries depending on the shutter speed and Cameron's personal techniques on location. There are so many colours that offer immense depth and interest.

This work has an abstract meditative beauty in a modern photographic way with pure thought, intention and poetry. Our mind is engaged, challenged to see more compositional elements and tones that seem to work perfectly blended by natural circumstances.

Expressive Definition Art

Expressive Definition In Photography Art

This expressive artwork discovers the relationship between strong surface hues and dark background drama. It feels like the water patterns are floating above the gentle black hues, giving a unique depth to this fine art photograph. The hues intermix uniquely in shades of blue with white accents. Angela Cameron adds a twist to the Expressive Art movement with fine art photography - authentically created and very much intended. We must appreciate the scale presented here in smaller shapes, colour on colour with a touch of gold, a more intricate pattern that deserves to be noticed and scrutinized for maximum enjoyment and impact. 

Exploring the expressive definition in photography art discusses how photography is an upscale art medium. Expressive photography art expressed by the artist showcases their view of the world through their camera and unique creative ideas. Photographers who create fine art for a living are very well practised in seeing our common surrounding in shapes, patterns and visual ideas not seen by others. Photographers bring to us an artistic view through significant bodies of work that are all consistent with their own style and approach. The expressive definition in art now extends to photographs and not just paintings. Actually the photographer has a more challenging time to create as discovering unique places they can visit is not easy - to adhere to their vision and goals with their own artwork. 

Expressive Art Meaning

Intention I 

This stunning modern botanical art will never go out of style! Angela creates distinctive art from simple botanical leaves, turned sideways to suggest a landscape-like vision. Her work is primarily non-altered to keep the natural aesthetic of her work - to connect with you further.

Angela Cameron's Photography Art

All artwork featured in this blog is all my work. I love to create fine art photographs that look much more like paintings. Having painted as a child, the influence to reproduce that brush-stroke feel needed to be created through the camera without computer alteration as much as possible. Thorough observation of the world, seeing light and objects in my way and capturing what makes them special does create an emotional connection to my work. 

Connect With Expressive Artwork

The idea of art is to connect. The purpose is for artwork to reach you, keep your interest emotionally and visually - that is the job of the professional artist. Art is not only about what may coordinate in your space, but it must be taken a step further than that when living with art you love. Expressive art comes from the meaning effectively conveying a thought or feeling so it is vital that art buyers be aware of this and alway select art that resonates. You don't have to know or be an art expert, but you will be in touch with your reaction to a piece, even more so if the artist can offer more info to you personally. The story behind the artwork is very important to further the value and connection to you. 

Buy Art Direct From The Artist

The massive advantage to buying art direct from the artist is the ability to learn more about their work, their vision for a specific art collection they are creating and also develop a relationship with the artist. The connection to art is also with the artist and it can be best done directly. Art Gallery's do not always know in detail about the artist and their artwork. The artist is often pleased to discuss with you and even advise on how best to display the art and framing advice as well. Artists are visual people with immense expertise in visual design and how their work will look best. They want you to be more than pleased having their art collections in your personal space.

Artwork shown above is a perfect example of Expressive Definition in Art. This fine art photograph is created with uniqueness and artistry that leaves you the viewer intrigued. When you want to know more about an art piece and you cannot forget about it, you have experienced truly Expressive Artwork.

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Expressive Definition In Art must feed the soul and reach a new place of awareness and authenticity. The viewer reaches a new depth and intrigue through patterns, shapes, colour and uniqueness. Each person will engage emotionally in a different way with each piece - which is really the point!

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