How Hospitality Art Companies Transform Hotel Design

How Hospitality Art Companies Transform Hotel Design

Hospitality Art Company, Angela Cameron, Transforms

In this article we will show examples of how art transformed the hotel interior design and makes a statement for the best guest experience. Angela Cameron has provided key artwork for hotel companies for over 15 years. Her work continues to resonate with hospitality brands and guests, with distinctive art throughout the hotel. See examples of her work below.

Hospitality Artwork
Fine Art For Luxury Hotel Bath - Angela Cameron

Hospitality Art More Important Than Ever For Hotel Design

Hotel artwork has become a top priority for Hotel Designers, Hotel Brands and Hospitality Owners. Hospitality art companies know that art makes a statement about the hotel aesthetic like nothing else in the guest room.

The style of the artwork, colour, subject matter and large scale size of the art all enhance and transform the guest experience. Hotel Brands such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood are paying more and more attention to the art selection, Artist and cohesive art collections they need throughout the hospitality space. 

Hospitality Art Company
Custom Mural Art For Beach Hotel - Angela Cameron

Artist Art Brand Is A Must For Hospitality Art

Angela Cameron realized years ago that hotel artwork will become a hot commodity with hotels competing for the ultimate guest experience. Hotels depend on their guest clients coming back to the same hotel, therefore delivering top-notch Interior design is a key part of differentiation. Angela Cameron creates art specifically for hospitality interior design to accomodate requests for large scale art, unique abstract art and distinctive art collections that can be carried throughout the hotel property. 

Hotel Art Company
Dusit D2 Nairobi Guest Suite Large Scale Art - Angela Cameron

Discover These Ideas For Hotel Artwork

Large Scale Art - Hotel interior designers rarely ask for small art, unless they are interested in a gallery wall art grouping. Large scale art adds drama, colour and subject matter relevant to the hotel property aesthetic. Large scale artwork can be a mural, oversize canvas artwork and also 4ft x 8ft metal and acrylic art. 

Mural Art - Printing an image on wallcovering that covers the back wall of a guest room is a great way to make guests feel something special about the place they are visiting. Murals can be subtle hues of pastel colour to promote relaxation and can also be bold patterns and colour to add a hip vibe.

Colour In Art - The colour of the art is key for Hotel Designers. Some artwork is selected to coordinate with the design of the guest room, other art is selected as it is the only colour in the hotel space. 

Fine Art - Fine art has a very contemporary presentation and is chosen more for hotels, especially for boutique hotels and luxury hotels. Fine art is more distinctive and emotionally connecting. To enhance the value of a luxury hotel space, Designers, Hotel owners and hospitality brand strategists must select fine artwork to appeal to upscale guest experiences.

Hospitality Art Companies
AC Marriott Beverly Hills Dining Room Art by Angela Cameron

Key Artwork Selections Transform Hospitality Artwork

Hotel art must be taken to a new level of selection and sophistication. Gone are the days of matching art to the decor, artwork must be chosen my a new criteria that sets better hotels apart. Angela Cameron has been integral to this idea for many years and her art collections reflect the modern needs of Hotel Design today. Her extensive research and creative process gives an advantage to Hotel Brands to use her work throughout a hotel, giving a cohesive visual story that resonates with guests. 


Hospitality art companies, Angela Cameron creates art specific to high-end hotels seeking distinctive art that sets their property apart. Her award winning fine art photography is a key part of Hospitality interior design, more important than ever for todays hotel guest experience.

Contact Angela Cameron to collaborate on your next hotel interior design project. We offer excellent service and attention to detail for each unique hospitality project.

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