Buy Art Online From Artists - Tips + Examples

Buy Art Online From Artists - Tips + Examples

Buy Art Online From Artists - The Benefits

Buying art online from the artist has many artists beginning to sell their own work online, making it possible for buyers to enjoy art without having to leave the comfort of their home. 

This is a new and much better way of experiencing art which removes the need for galleries and eliminates the middleman. Connecting direct with the artist has immense benefits especially in today's changing economy and online access.

Many art buyers find this more appealing because they can go on the artist's website and buy pieces that have captured their imagination.

Buy Art Online From Artists
New award winning artwork - The Columns By Angela Cameron

Tips When Buying Art Online From The Artist

Art is subjective; many people are excited about the idea of buying their art directly from the artist. The artist’s process is more visible to buyers, and they are able to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces that they have a personal connection to. One of the biggest advantages is getting the art story first hand and also knowing the artist personally through the one to one process.

Demand for art is at an all-time high, and yet the barrier of entry is decreasing through social media. As a result of this, buying art directly from the artist can be a great way to get unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

This new modern way of buying art from the artist is an exciting for many people. Often, artists have a very unique perspective and understand their audience better than anyone else. The option to buy directly from the artist allows art enthusiasts to be part of a more personalized experience. 

Benefits To Buying Art Direct From The Artist

Most artists would say that they are not in the business of selling art, but in the business of making art. It is their hope that you love their work and want to live with it and take care of it for a long time.

When you buy online from the artist, there's a good chance you'll get to meet them and hear about their inspiration and technique which can be really special.

  1. The artist can personally tell you the story, inspiration and creative process behind their artwork
  2. You have the opportunity to have a rapport with the artist
  3. You may have access to other pieces that the artist is working on now and in the future
  4. Commissioned work - get something created specifically for you
  5. Check out their website - good experienced artists have a well done professional online presence

Purchasing Art Online Vs Local Artists

As the online world grows, we can't ignore the wealth of artwork now available. With social media especially Instagram and Facebook, we can now be more engaged with the artists work, process and daily life. It's a great way to get to know artists personally thus making an online purchase with more confidence.

Local art has the advantage of seeing the work in person and meeting the artist. The one drawback is a lack of options with local art. There is only a smaller selection and you may not find what you have in mind.

The best way to buy art online with certainty is check the refund policy for purchased artwork. Online artists tend to have a good return policy to build trust with you the consumer.

The online artist is getting more business savvy and knows that trust needs to be built. Have confidence buying from the online artist through their professional website and skip the high priced gallery option. You should always select art you have fallen in love with, online or local, but do your homework! 

Artists Art Online
Foggy ocean art from the East Coast - Ocean Gallery

What To Look For In A Professional Artists Website

Let's face it, most of us are collectors. We can't help but come across an interesting piece of artwork that catches our eye. We love the way it's styled, and maybe we saw it somewhere else before. We find it irresistible. Here are some key tips to look for when considering art:

  1. Is the Artists website well organized - are pieces displayed in themed collections
  2. Are prices showing? In this day and age, Artists should be upfront about pricing and sizes
  3. Is information provided about the artists bio and Artist statement well written?
  4. Has the Artist disclosed where their art is displayed or who has purchased from them previously?
  5. Does each piece of art have a description?

Its a good bet when the artist has a professional presence and has done the work to present themselves in the best way possible. If they are willing to do that work, you can be assured they will serve you well and your purchase experience will be top-notch.

Buy Art Online From Artist

The Artist On Social Media

Social Media has given artists a new platform to show their work and connect with followers. Artists can now showcase their work and sell it direct from their own social media pages, connecting them with customers that might not ever see their work otherwise. It's a win-win. The artist has the ability to reach a new audience at a low cost, and potential buyers have a new opportunity to see a piece they might have missed before.

Check out your favourite artist on social media to ensure they have a good presence, engage with their audience and seem approachable too. A good social media presence with a well done website is a winning combination.

A Better Way To Purchase Artists Art Online

Art is one of the most powerful and expressive forms of communication in the world. The best way to get an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art at a very affordable price is to purchase it directly from the artist through their own website. Times have changed over the last 2 years and the online world is growing - artists have also realized that acting more business-like ensures their clients will be very satisfied with their art purchase.

Building Relationships: The Artist And The Buyer

Artists are an integral part of today's economy and entrepreneurship. While there are so many artists now who work exclusively for themselves, many artists create art with the intention of selling it to other people.

The relationship between an artist and their buyers is a central one in any professional artist's life. The world has changed on how business is done and the middleman's role is decreasing more and more. Artists are more interested in building rapport with their fans, art buyers and enthusiasts - more now than ever!

Artists are finally learning to not only produce stunning art with impact, but also being more involved in the one on one process of the best buyer relationships they can have. Its a 100% win for both parties!

Buy Art Online From Artist


Connecting with artists online is a great way to support and encourage their artistic endeavours by buying from them directly.  It's also a perfect way to get a unique piece of art that you won't see anywhere else. The end goal of every art buyer should be to become a true partner with the artist.

Art buyers can help foster an artist's creative development by providing them with support, as well as receiving their artworks with an open mind. It is important for art collectors to take their time when choosing an artist because it is a long-term relationship that benefits both the buyer and the artist.

Angela Cameron has been working with many clients including Interior Designers, Art Collectors and Art Consultants for many years. Her vast experience in creating and providing premium art is evident in her work and project list, not to mention her many awards.

See Angela's new artwork gallery now!


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