Hospitality Artwork For Spa Hotel

Hospitality Artwork For Spa Hotel

Hospitality Artwork For Inn At The Forks Hotel in Winnipeg

Angela Cameron's Abstract Botanical artwork printed on aluminum is selected for prominent guest suites. The large scale of the artwork spans across the width of the spa-like bed. This relaxing design aesthetic is perfect for Cameron's modern botanical art that is timeless and sophisticated.

Neutral backdrop provided a serene foundation for the subtle colour artwork to shine without overpowering the feel of the space. Custom art printed on aluminum left a raw edge all around to give a feeling of a frame. The hues in this art piece brings a little nature to the space without being too literal. Angela Cameron's expertise is creating modern art with an edge. Her work has graced many hotels worldwide that all appreciate her feel good approach with a modern twist.

Modern Nature Art For Luxury Suite

Hospitality artwork for luxury suites shown here coordinate deep tones and lighter tones - perfect choice on behalf of the Designer and the Hotel Owner. Modern botanical images were a superb choice as this timeless artwork will not go out of style anytime soon! The artwork presented in panorama format enhanced the contemporary feel even more. The art is a very important choice for the hotel aesthetic as many factors are to be considered: the location of the hotel, does the hotel serve adults, does the hotel have a spa? This property catered to the relaxing weekend traveler who would make use of the spa amenities - therefore the botanical art for these luxury suites was the perfect selection.

Hotel Interior Design Process

Hotel Interior Design should start with the art selection early in the design process - you will be rewarded with the option to coordinate drapery and upholstery goods, making the process simple and sophisticated.

It's much easier and a great idea to start with the artwork first to inspire you, then build around it to give a superb jumping off point for the direction of the space and overall feel the Designer wants to accomplish. Hotel Interior Designers are always looking for inspiration and visual ideas. Go to New Work Collection and see what art speaks to you will be the perfect inspiration needed for busy Designers. 

View more Botanical Artwork in the Secret Garden Collection.

Hospitality Artwork For Hotel Brands

Angela Cameron has extensive experience working on many hotel projects and with all the major brands including, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood and Kimpton to name a few. Her team provide all the custom ideas, options and creative expertise Hotel Designers would need to complete the entire project. Her creative artwork lends well to Design teams that want unique art for the Hospitality Artwork project and the Hotel owner. 

Cameron has provided hotel artwork framed, canvas, metal, acrylic, large scale murals all with custom options including colour correction, cropping and even creating a piece for site specific hotel projects. 

As the Hotel Industry becomes more competitive, having a unique art brand by an exclusive artist is a must. The days of selecting mass produced art on a budget are gone! Angela Cameron knows the trends that Hotel Designers need to pay attention to and collaborating with an artist brand is their best advantage to stand out in todays social media world.

Hospitality Artwork



Hospitality Artwork with a unique edge is what today's hotel Designer and Hotel Owners are seeking. Angela Cameron creates distinctive art that makes a statement and creates memories for guests.

"It was a pleasure to work on this project" states Cameron, "this Hotel is in my home town of Winnipeg Manitoba, so I had to make sure everyone was more than pleased with the result."

Contact Angela Cameron now to discuss how her unique art can enhance your Hotel Design project with a custom art brand. 


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