How Large Hotel Artwork Impacts Marriott Dining Room

How Large Hotel Artwork Impacts Marriott Dining Room

 Marriott Beverly Hills Large-Scale Triptych Art

The location of this hotel property lended to the selection of upscale seascape artwork. Angela Cameron's art was the perfect fit for its unique artistic aesthetic and large scale capabilities.

"Aqueous" was divided into 3 sections (triptych) to span the large wall area in the AC Marriott Beverly Hills dining area. The image was printed on canvas and framed with a dull gold float frame.

The artwork added not only a modern sophisticated vibe, but also some colour to the neutral space and played into the ocean side theme that resonates with guests.

AC Marriott Beverly Hills Dining room Art


Art adds colour and subject matter that lends to the hotel location giving guests even more of an experiential vibe. It is the finishing touch and in this case offers an upscale uniqueness not offered anywhere else.

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