Interior Designers Looking For Art - Best Tips

Interior Designers Looking For Art - Best Tips

Are you an Interior Designer looking for art for your projects?

We have the best tips and ideas to help you.

When selecting art for your interior design projects, consider the emotional response it evokes rather than simply matching colors. Art should complement and enhance the overall ambiance of your Clients home. Look beyond traditional mediums like paintings and explore sculptures, photography, or even digital art to add depth and interest to your Interior design project.

Don't be afraid to experiment with mixing different styles of art in one space - this can create a dynamic and layered look that intrigues viewers. By curating a diverse collection of art pieces, you can offer your clients a personalized and eclectic aesthetic that truly speaks to their individuality.

Art is personal and must be chosen for your connection relatability to the art piece. Artwork for your space is not just about filling a blank wall—it's about creating a personal connection with the piece. When selecting art, consider how it makes you feel, what memories or emotions it evokes, and how it resonates with your personality and values.

Your home should tell your story through the art you choose to display. Consider the location of your home eg near water or forest or perhaps in the city, then consider the subject matter eg trees, ocean, abstracts or geometric art that works with you personally.

Artwork has the power to transform a room and reflect who you are as an individual. It allows you to express yourself creatively and adds depth and character to your space. Whether you prefer abstract paintings, bold sculptures, or serene landscapes, each piece should speak to you on a personal level. Remember that there are no right or wrong choices when it comes to choosing art—trust your instincts and select pieces that inspire and uplift you every day.

Best Tips for Interior Designers Looking For Art

Art For Interior Designers

1. Large Statement Art - select 1 piece you love and make it big! This artwork by Angela Cameron brings nature to the space in a modern way. The hues in the art coordinate, but don't match the sofa. 

Artwork For Interior Design

2. Relaxing Art For Bedroom - for the home by the sea, simple, neutral seascape by Angela Cameron promotes sophistication and calm. The dark picture frame works with the dark wood in the headboard and side table.

Artwork For Interior Designers

3. Grouping Of Art - this stunning 4 piece art display all coordinate perfectly to create impact and coordinate the design hues. They are also hung close together and all from Angela Camerons body of work "Pure Earth".

Interior Designers Art

4. Tone On Tone - this neutral dining room is anything but boring. Neutral seascape art sets the tone and adds modern sophistication. A lack of colour is a modern fresh idea for dining rooms.

Interior Designers Looking For Art

5. Geometric Art On Geometric Wall - soft green hues with geometric shapes in the art and wall create an interesting idea in art.

Interior Designers Looking For Artwork

6. Sea Love - selecting beautiful neutral seascape art creates a upscale feel in this hotel guestroom. Art is large in size to enhance the feel of the hotel location for guests to appreciate the ocean vibe.


Interior Designers looking for art have come to the right place! Angela Cameron offers a large selection of modern, fresh artwork for residential and commercial Interior Design. We love to work with Interior Designers and offer ideas and suggestions to ensure your project is the best it can be. 

Art is more important than ever to create the spaces we need to relax and inspire our best lives. View Angela Cameron's new artwork now!

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