Why Is Hotel Art So Boring? Solution Found

Why Is Hotel Art So Boring? Solution Found

A recent article titled "Why is hotel art so boring?" in popular Kinfolk Magazine prompted me to write this article. My mission and values will answer this question & provide a solution.

Over 15 yrs ago I decided to take my photographic talent and solve the "boring art in hotels" problem. My mission began with deep study of why and who was responsible. Several months of research led me to realize the routine way art was sourced, most often for the lowest bid.

I knew at some point (that time is now here) that lowest cost would not be the right way for hotel brands and boutique/ luxury hotel properties to move forward. Key decision makers and hotel brand strategists are now seeing the light.

Distinctive art with visionary artists is the ultimate way to stand out in today's crowded hotel landscape.

I started to produce modern, fresh artwork I knew was better. As I thought, Hotel Interior Designers are responding with great enthusiasm. Thus my journey, now validated, began!

Hotel Room Triptych Art

Why Art Is Important For Hotel Design

We must explore why art matters, why art is important for Hotel Design. Art is one of the key parts of a hotel room that makes a statement. It is the icing on the cake that dictates the vibe and sophistication for hotel brands. No one cares about the table, mattress or chairs. Guests may notice them for colour and coordination, but realistically, art is the key to the hotels value.

Art offers colour, style (abstract, minimalist, geometric, nature) and also subject matter (ocean, trees, sky etc) that all are extremely important to the hotels positioning.

Each artwork selection must be considered with this in mind. Gone are the days when blossom artwork is the norm for Washington DC hotels! Or hotels near the ocean must have bland, predictable ocean artwork! 

Unique Hotel Art

Hotel Brand Strategy

Art is now an intregral part of hotel design. Interior Designers, Hotel Owners and Hotel Brand strategists are recognizing how important the art and Artist is to 4 and 5 star hotel properties. Its time for key decision makers to include dedicated Artists who create for hotels (myself included) to increase the Guest experience and help the hotel brand stand out in a crowded arena. 

Artist Collaboration For Hotel Design

Having worked on numerous hotel projects, worldwide, I can speak to the collaborative process. Art & Design must meet to create a space that never existed before. Uniqueness and distinction is a top priority. The art must play into the sophistication and story of the hotel brand, location and guests that identify with the hotel aesthetic. There must be a strong reason that art was selected and not just for budget reasons. Art must be considered strongly in the process and it benefits decision makers to include the Artists feedback and capabilities with their artwork eg customizing to site specific ideas, thus making artwork even more special.

In Conclusion:

Visionary Artists like myself are dedicated to producing and presenting unique art for hotel design. I pride myself on innovation with modern abstract aesthetic that hotel decision makers need to sit up and take notice.

Contact angela@angelacameron.com to discuss your project. 


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