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Featured in Lens Culture Magazine, Photographer Angela Cameron submits an impressionist art portfolio of some of her best fine art photography. What often look like paintings, are non-manipulated photographs that captured the attention of her peers.

Her love of photography has kept Cameron busy pursuing excellence in fine art photography, but also creative new ideas in art. She never grows tired of finding new ways to see and explore our natural world and bringing it to our walls to impact each person, with minimal use of photoshop.

Her intent is to bring fine art to the viewer that connects with them, more about a feeling than a place. Her values and appreciation for our beautiful surroundings is captured first in her heart and then in the camera - as she sees it. Having a goal for my work is essential to producing a consistent portfolio that consistently gets recognized.

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Artistic Photography

This artistic series of photographs explore emotion of nature with painterly style. Cameron's work gives a nod to her early years learning to paint with oils. She then created a technique to create painting-like photographs with her camera. Years of dedication has rewarded Cameron with an exceptional portfolio of work not created with computer assistance.

Cameron has entered many photography competitions in her 25+ years of experience and has been recognized many times. International Photography Awards and Professional Photographers of Canada have also awarded Angela prestigious awards and recognition for her award winning art. Her love of creative photography as kept her work fresh and inspired to enter many competitions and get noticed by her peers.

The PPOC awarded Cameron Photographic Artist Of The Year in 2012 for all of Canada. A very huge honour and well deserved. Her expertise in artistic photography is evident in her many styles that evolved from the 80's. Having the discipline of photographing with slide film in the early years has given her the edge to create it right the first time. Also her experience in darkroom film processing and printing has been an asset in Cameron's ability to see tonal range of colour and contrast in her artwork.

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Lens Culture recognized Award Winning Photographer Angela Cameron dedication to her craft and creative photography techniques that have a superb authentic feel. For many years Angela Cameron's style is evident through consistent artistry, beautiful natural light and original feel that's all her own.

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