Art Consultants Looking For Artists

Art Consultants Looking For Artists

Are You An Art Consultant Looking For Art?

Artist Angela Cameron creates unique fine art photography and has worked on many projects, worldwide. Art consultants can select from a large variety of subject matter, all in modern, contemporary style for todays interior design projects.

Custom art is no problem, Cameron collaborates to ensure artwork is specific to each project in size, colour and aesthetic. 

Art For Art Consultants

If you are an Art Consultant looking for the right art for hotels, healthcare, residential or corporate project, Angela Cameron's work is the perfect fit. Her work has been installed in hotels, corporate interiors, healthcare projects and residential, that all prefer modern style artwork.

Cameron understands the importance of art and caters her portfolio of artwork for the purpose of transforming interior spaces. Whether your project is by the sea or in the city, her art collections meet the need for site specific art.


Art Consultant Looking for Art

(This home by the sea needed some beautiful Angela Cameron seascapes in diptych framed art to help set the feel for the space)

Corporate Art Consultants

Corporate art consultants select artwork for Corporate interior spaces that are strong, colourful and represent their business brand. Corporate offices need art that makes a statement that relates to the corporate space that inspires Clients, Staff and Investors. Large colourful art at the office entryway welcomes visitors and makes a stunning first impression.

Other art pieces throughout the corporate office interior are needed for boardrooms, corridors and private offices. The role of the Corporate Art Consultant is important to the Corporate brand and Angela's artwork selections offer distinctive art customized as needed.

Corporate Art Consulting

(Corporate artwork by Angela Cameron shows a body of work perfectly placed with subject matter that suits corporate office interior)

Hospitality Art Consultant

Selecting art for hotels is even more important for hotel brands wanting to stand out. Hotel Art consultants have a relationship with their client and the art selection must make a statement for the Interior design project that benefits from signature artwork.

Aesthetic of the art is now crucial - subject matter, art style and colour are some of the defining factors. Angela Cameron's work is a superb choice whether the hotel project is near the ocean or in the city - her artwork respects how easy some of her art pieces are offered in collections to coordinate an entire aesthetic throughout the hotel.

Art Consultants Looking for Artist

(Restaurant installation of Angela Cameron's modern simple artwork that contributes to the contemporary vibe of the space)

Artist Collaboration With Art Consultants

Angela Cameron has worked with many art consultants and has a keen understanding of the art they need along with the custom options she can offer.

Cameron's extensive experience is beneficial throughout the art selection process and also with framing, prints and display ideas.

View Angela Cameron's Artwork Now!

Contact Angela to book a call to discuss your project and art needs now! 


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