Hospitality Art Consultants Looking For Artists

Hospitality Art Consultants Looking For Artists

Are You A Hospitality Art Consultants Looking For Artists?

Artist Angela Cameron's artwork is known for uniqueness with a modern touch and is in demand for hotel design projects, worldwide. Her modern art aesthetic is a perfect fit for todays interior design projects. Cameron creates her authentic fine art with hotels in mind, with a simple colourful aesthetic for hotels in the city to seascape art for hotels by the sea.

Hospitality Art Consultant Looking For Artists

(Modern cloud art makes a statement in this lounge - Angela Cameron Art)

Tastemaker & Creator, Award Winning Artwork

Angela Cameron has won numerous awards for her unique fine art photography and is always creating new work. Her goals are to impact hotel design to have more relevant artwork that brings a distinctive look for hotel brands that set them apart.

Cameron's art can be customized with large scale sizes and colour adjustment, making the artwork even more special for each project. Collaboration is a significant part of the hospitality art process and Cameron's extensive experience will be an asset to Hospitality Art Consultants.

Art For Hospitality Art Consultans

(Hotel art corridor features Angela Cameron Organic abstract artwork)

Hotel Art Consultant & Art Selection

Art is more important than ever for hotels to make a statement not only for their individual brand, but more so for todays guest experience. Cameron creates art she feels updates the hotel to contribute to social media worthy guestrooms.

Hospitality art consultants can be assured that artwork selections that are the most current works perfect for hotel designers and owners. Art is the last item that goes into a hotel project and is the icing on the cake! Art plays a key role in the sophistication of the space and will impress high-end guests as repeat clients of the hotel.

Art Consultant Collaboration

Hotel design is an exciting project for the art consultant and artist. Creative minds meet to contribute to hospitality interiors that have never been done before. Artist Angela Cameron's goals are to impact hotel guestrooms, corridors and lobbies with unique art that changes the entire space. Her experience with Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood, to name a few, is essential when working with Hospitality Art Consultants to ensure art is distinctive and relevant.

Hospitality Art Consultants Looking For Art

(Modern abstract art by Angela Cameron)


Artist Angela Cameron's art is a superior choice for Hospitality Art Consultants when selecting and sourcing art for hotel interior design projects. Her creative ideas in art innovation ensures her portfolio is current and fresh. 

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