Interior Design Art - Best Ideas & Examples For 2024

Interior Design Art - Best Ideas & Examples For 2024

Interior design is ever-evolving, with new art trends and ideas emerging every year. As the summer of 2024 approaches, interior design art continues to emphasize the importance of creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're looking to spruce up your home or office, there are numerous ideas for interior design art that will make your space stand out.

From natural materials to bold colours, minimalism to maximalism, there's something for everyone in the realm of interior design art. In this article, we'll explore some of the best ideas for 2024 and how they can transform any space with stunning artwork.

Importance Of Art In Interior Design

Art is an essential component of any interior design project as it can add a unique touch to the space and create a sense of personality. Artistic pieces help to make a statement in the room, making it more interesting, vibrant, and visually appealing. They can also serve as conversation starters for visitors to your home or office.

Incorporating art into interior design allows for customization and personalization of the space. This means that you can choose pieces that reflect your style, taste, and preferences while still maintaining the functionality of the room. The right artwork can also be used to complement other elements in the room such as furniture, fabrics, textures, and colours.

Moreover, art has been found to have therapeutic effects on people’s mood and emotions. It has been shown to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation when incorporated into a space where people spend most of their time. Therefore, investing in quality art pieces is one way you can enhance your overall well-being while simultaneously elevating your home's aesthetic appeal through creative interior design choices.

Interior Designers know that art is the finishing touch in a room, the last item to complete the space. The artwork must convey the clients taste and also coordinate with the design direction. Art will also be an investment purchase, therefore it must be meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

Think Outside The (Art) Box

When it comes to incorporating art into interior design art ideas, many people default to traditional framed paintings or sculptures. However, thinking outside the box can lead to unexpected and stunning results. One idea is to incorporate multiple pieces of art or unexpected art styles such as abstract colourful artwork or minimalist simple art with less colour.

Mixing styles of modern art with traditional interior design can be interesting as well as artistic photography art in a modern space will add to the unexpected visual aesthetic. By thinking beyond traditional art forms and materials, you can create a truly unique and personalized interior design that reflects your individual taste and style while also adding depth and interest to any space.

Another idea is to select art in contrasting hues from the hues in the space, allowing the art take on a focal point. Art does not always have to match the decor, so try and experiment with an art piece you love but you think it may not coordinate - try it anyway!

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Our Best Art Ideas For 2024

Art Ideas Interior Design

Creative Art Display

4 square artworks from the same art collection make a stunning impact over this sofa. This 4 pieces can also be displayed in different configurations to add even more interest. Display art 2 inches apart to ensure the grouping is in close proximity to each other to complete the visual story.

Art Interior Designer

Hang 2 Vertical Art Pieces Together

Try this instead of 1 horizontal art piece. While this may seem obvious, the best way is to select artwork that relate to each other. The vertical art will add a heightened feeling to the space, especially with higher ceilings. This diptych "collage of circles" offers jewel toned colour that would only work best together!

Interior Design Ideas

Deep Neutral Grey 

Dark grey artwork coordinates with the dark grey sofa to complete the overall sophisticated feel the Interior Designer was seeking. Strong neutrals well placed do make a statement in an unstated way.

Art Interior Design

Minimalist Art, Minimalist Room

When no colour is desired, neutral grey art that evokes a modern minimalist vibe is a must. This timeless art diptych chosen as verticals, display well together to create conversation.

Interior Design Art

Symmetry In Art

You can't go wrong with symmetry in the art selections and in the placement within in the space. Stunning simple clouds complete with dining room with sophistication with a nod to our environment. Ceilings were low, therefore the art was displayed side by side rather than vertically.


We encourage you to be adventurous with art, what you think won't work, might just be intriguing enough to uplift you and your space. Art ideas can come in many forms from bold colour to artwork displayed in diptychs to art that blends in with complimentary neutral hues. Remember to take notice of the art style you gravitate to - minimalist, simple modern landscapes, artistic painterly aesthetic or neutral tones. Art selection should have less to do with matching to your decor and more to do with how the artwork makes you feel.

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